Annual Web Design Competition

Team Registration

Submit this team registration form once per team. To comply with strict student privacy laws, we require a signed Entry Form providing consent for each student.

The deadline for registrations is Jan. 16; late registrations will be accepted until Mar. 6 with an increased entry fee of $35 per team.

Team Member 1

Team Member 2 -- Optional

Contest Rules

  • The web design competition topic will be announced on Jan. 17 to provide a fair amount of time to all entrants.
  • Each school may enter up to three (3) teams consisting of a maximum of 2 students per team, and may submit 1 website per team.
  • Websites must be planned and designed by students only. Teachers may only serve as an advisor.
  • All design and production of the website will be done by the students in the team. No outside templates, frameworks or content management systems may be used.
  • Any material (text, graphics, etc.) not created by students in the team is used with permission of its creator(s) and properly credited to them.
  • All entries must be hosted and developed in EduBolt, the cloud hosting account provided by VisorCraft for the Coders Compete competition, and may be publicly accessible on the internet.
  • There will be no ties, in the event that more than one team ties for first or second place, the original rating sheets for the affected teams will be discarded and the judges will re-evaluate the tied team's websites to determine appropriate placement.
  • The decisions of the judges will be final and will not be contested.
  • Team registrations are not valid until the required entry fee has been paid and all student consent/entry forms have been received.
  • Entry fees must be paid by check, money order or PayPal only.
  • There are no refunds on the competition registration entry fee.

$25 Entry Fee Payment Method

To expedite processing, please include a note with the school name and team member name(s).

Make payable to VisorCraft, LLC and mail to the address below.

Student Consent/Entry Form -- Complete for each Student Individually

In addition to submitting this online registration form, each individual team member must print and complete a separate official competition entry form.
The student, teacher, and parent or legal guardian of student (if student is under the age of 18) must sign the form in order to compete.

Click here to download the Entry Form

Mail completed forms, and check/money order if applicable, to:

VisorCraft, LLC
304 W Boyd Dr #1243
Allen, TX 75013-9998